Today’S College Student Working As An Escort

It’s not too surprising to discover that most college students are also doubling as escorts. While this is not a new phenomenon, with most of them moving away from looking-for-a-sugar-daddy tag, most students are looking for ways to settle their unpaid tuition and overdue living expenses. Undoubtedly, this trend is now sweeping across many higher learning institutions, with the escort services offering more than just sex, but companionship to older men and women alike.

Also, most economies are saddled with high student debts and job scarcity. It prompts many students to look for alternative ways of earning money; to settle their education costs while also settling their day to day living expenses. However, what are the bright and dark sides of such alternative lifestyle?

For the bright side, most students have no problem with the money they are minting. Depending on the client, most students depending on the luck of the business rake in several thousands of dollars monthly.

Also, the money raked from this business helps them settle basic bills, for example, rent, utilities, transport, and food. Remaining money helps in buying new clothes such as lingerie or what they should wear to dates.

Thirdly, the college students do not have time for strong commitments to other students in their level. Relationship heart breaks normally experienced by many people between the age of 20 to 30, are unheard off with escorts as they tend to interact with many clients who only need their attention for a few hours of the day. For example, professionals and married people.

For some students, being an escort has provided most of them with opportunities that they might not have otherwise. For example, some of them only do escort services touching on advertising, photo shoots and websites, without necessarily meeting any client face to face. They still get paid for such services.

However, the dark side of this business as students is the stigmatization that comes with it. Hiding such a business from your peers and family sometimes proves to be a difficult task.

Some countries also lack basic legal structures for such business. Unlike therapy sessions where some services remain discrete, between the two individuals, escort services are deemed to be part of prostitution. ‘

With this, cases of abuse and mistreatment of escorts have been on the rise. There are no protection agencies that can oversee the fair treatment of escorts, and most of them are at the mercy of the client in the end. However, some escorts are high appreciative of the gentle treatment of customers they entertain.

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