Sex toys are becoming more and more popular, but do we know how to use them correctly?


Last year nipple rings were all in, but this year it is butt plugs. Lots of people dream of doing a DP but it seldom happens. A butt plug can be used to give some extra stimulation anally if that is what you need during sex. I rather like sex toys and I think that many sex toys can add something to our sex lives, but I am not sure that we all use sex toys as they are meant to be used. Some of my dates at London escorts tell me the most horrendous funny stories at it is clear that they are not sure about sex toys. But, things are slowly beginning to change. I am often asked by my dates at London escorts where you can buy sex toys. Okay, you can certainly go off to your local sex shop, but I find that many of the guys that I date at escorts in London are reluctant to do so. By sex toys online has many advantages. One of my dates at escorts in London who buys a lot of sex toys, say that many sites now provide instructions on how to to use them. I have checked some of the videos out and they are great. Porn stars seems to be into sex toys as well. Some of the girls that I have worked with at London escorts have been taught how to use sex toys on the set of porn movies. If you are not sure on how to use certain sex toys, I always recommend to my guys at London escorts to check out porn movies. There are some great porn movies out there which truly demonstrates sex toy use and that is good. Can you go to sex conventions and see sex toys being used? One of my regular dates at escorts in London goes to conventions in Las Vegas and says that you can see live demonstrations there. My escorts in London date say that the Americans seem to be a bit more open minded when it comes to sex toys, and they often like to talk about them. Las Vegas is quickly becoming all things sex, and there are a lot of sex and porn conventions in Las Vegas. I have never been myself, but it would be nice to get a crowd together from London escorts and go. So many of my guys at escorts in London presume that I am a specialist of all things sex. That is not true at all, but I do like to find out about these things. The global sex and porn industry is worth millions of dollars, and I am thinking about setting up my own site selling quality sex toys. In that case, there would not have to be any confusions and I could recommend stuff that I think is good myself. Lots of girls here at escorts in London are setting up their own sites, and many of them are doing really well.

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