My Boyfriend Almost Ruined My Life

They say that you should never leave London escorts for one of your regulars. Like so many other London escorts before me, I did fall in love with a date every so often. Most of the men I dated at London escorts were senior to me, and not really my cup of tea. However, Ian was much more my age, and when he asked me out on a private date, I did not hesitate. He was a lot of fun to be with and I thought he was rather well off.

The men I go out within my private life or at London escorts do not have to be rich. But, at that time, I was very much like the other girls at charlotte London escorts and thought that money mattered more than anything. Thanks to dating rich men at London escorts, I had managed to buy my own flat, and when Ian and I met, I also had rather a healthy bank balance. I was pretty proud of what I had achieved, and I must admit that I bragged to Ian about my lifestyle.

What I did not realise was that Ian was a bit of a Don Juan. He loved dating London escorts because they boosted his already inflated ego. It was clear that Ian had become very good at faking it. In other words, Ian was not as rich as he made out to be. After our relationship started to go wrong, I found out that he lived in his mom’s old house but was rather cash poor. I wish that I would have known, maybe it would have made me trust him less. At the end of the day, he was not the savvy financial adviser he tried to pass himself of as to me and other girls at London escorts.

By then it was rather too late. Ian had talked me into letting him invest some of my hard earned cash that I had received in tips from my London escorts dates. Up until then, it had been safely tucked away in my home safe. One night when we were going out, Ian had seen me taking out some cash from my secret stash. Silly me, I had sung like a little bird, and told him how much money I had stashed away for a rainy day or in savings. As it was all black money, I could not really stick in an ISA, so it stayed in my safe.

Everything Ian said to me made sense. Naturally, I wanted to use the money to make some more if I could, so I agreed to let him invest it for me. Looking back now, I realise I was silly The cash represented what I called my London escorts retirement fond. I was hoping to use it to perhaps by another home or just save it for when I finally left the escort agency I worked for in central London. As I had handed over the cash to Ian I did worry a little bit, But I did not think that he would disappear with the cash. Anyway, that was the last time I saw him, and now I have to work harder at London escorts than ever before, to make my shortfall up.

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