Monica hot and wilderness




Hi, my name is Monica and I can only be described as hot and wild. I don’t know when the last time you had a really exciting date was, but I am more than happy to deliver that to you tonight. But if you would like to meet one of my other friends from Abbey Wood escorts from, I don’t have a problem with that. Well, I might get a little bit jealous but you and I may just have to deal with that problem later. How does that sound to you?


I am normally a very nice girl, but I can be naughty as well. The other week a man forget his cuff links, he had pinned them to my bra so he would not forget them when he left. However, after our date he was all flustered and completely forgot about his cuff links. Well, I suppose he will have to come and see me again so I can show him where I have hidden them this time. You see, he is rather in the habit of forgetting his cuff links and he has to come to see me at Abbey Wood escorts to find them again.


Am I good at hiding things? I am getting to be rather good at hiding things. You see, I have so many exciting places where I can hide things that I have a tendency to surprise my gents. Mind you, so far none of my gents have complained. I don’t make it a habit of hiding things in the same place twice. Playing hide and seek is one of my favourite games and I know that you may enjoy my very special version here at Abbey Wood escorts of hide and seek.


Do you like to play any other special games? I have some gents that I meet at Abbey Wood escorts who really like to play some special games. They are not very keen on telling me what these games are so sometimes I have to tease it out of them. That being said, they don’t seem to mind at all. I like to deal with things in a usual way, and there is nothing like coming at from the rear or an entire different angle.


When was the last time you screamed with delight? If you have not screamed with delight for some time, it is about time you did so. I have a very special trick up my sleeve to make you do so. The thing is that I am likely to love it as much as you do, so please let me know when you are coming around to visit me at Abbey Wood escorts. I will make sure that we enjoy our date at a more discreet hour so that we can get as noisy and naughty as we like. Well, what remains? All that really remains is for you to pick up the phone and give Abbey Wood escort services a call. I am ready to party, are you….? Look forward to hearing from you then.



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