Defining what compliment is

Sometimes you have to ask yourself when a compliment is not a compliment. If one of my dates at North London escorts told me that I had a pretty or sexy dress on, I would certainly not take it as he was coming on to me, or my sexual advances. I would just take it as a compliment and not be offended at all. What if he told me that he wished he was 20 years younger? No, I would not perceive that as a sexual comment neither, and I don’t think that any of the other girls at North London escorts of would for that matter.


Reading the headlines in today’s daily UK papers about MP’s and about what they have allegedly done, it seems that a lot of ladies are just scrambling for the lime light. They are after money, and I am beginning to wonder if these girls would rather kiss and tell in the papers than go to the police. To us girls here at North London escorts, it seems like many of these women are after so much more than just justice – I think that they are after money.


In today’s so-called civilized society, it seems like we are after money for everything, and on this Westminster scandal which seems to be getting bigger by the day, is a prime example of our so-called compensation culture. If these women stopped and thought about what they were doing, I think that they would approach the issue somewhat differently to be honest. I certainly would not approach it the way they are doing, and it makes me wonder if they have somebody standing in the background advising them. As a matter of fact, at least a couple of North London escorts think the same thing.


That girl who said that the MP hugged her “too tight”, really aroused my suspicion. It takes two to hug, and I have never been hugged “too tight” by anybody at North London escorts. What does it mean in the first place? I am not really sure what it means in the first place, and when I hug them “close”. In other words, you hold the other person in your arms. If you look at the very nature of a hug, you will find that it is close body experience if you like.


Also, a woman can invite someone to give her a hug. She will put her arm, or arms up, and the person will more or less walk into the hug. Looking at our bodies, it is clear that the hug will become more of an intimate experience. If you don’t want to be hugged, simply put your hand on his upper arms, and give him a kiss on each cheek instead. If I bump into a gentleman that I have dated at North London escorts in the street, this is often how I greet him. It is perfectly fine. You are being affectionate and kind of saying hello at the same time. I am not sure that a hug is ever a sexual assault and I am a bit concerned about what these so called “victims” are saying. Do I believe their claims? I am not sure about that at all.


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